What is Viral Marketing and How to Use It To Your Advantage

It is simply not enough to build a website, have a product or service to offer, be talented, or anything that is worth mentioning. What is the use of it if nobody will ever see or hear about it? A lot has been said about how to achieve an effective marketing strategy. If you diligently search the Web for tips and guides, you will probably come up with several hundreds on your list. One of the most popular techniques is Viral Marketing.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing is analogous to a computer or pathological virus because of its capability to replicate itself, thus making it possible to be propagated. It is a marketing strategy that utilizes pre-existing online social networks. The sole purpose is to increase awareness to a particular brand (products and/or services), person, organization, and anything or anyone who needs to be advertised. It can be done through word-of-mouth, media (TV, radio or newsprint), and through the Internet.

The idea of viral marketing is to get people to voluntarily spread your marketing messages for you. Viral promotion can be created in any conceivable form; the popular ones are through articles, newsletters, videos, games, e-books, software, applications, images, and yes, even text messages. Viral marketing is somewhat based on a humans natural behavior. For instance, a person will probably tell three of his friends about a product or service that he likes, and more than ten people for those he doesn’t like. So, it goes without saying that you’d rather be among the three rather than the ten.

How to Use Viral Marketing to Your Advantage

The goal is to create a winning viral marketing program that will appeal to individuals with a soaring social networking potential. The idea is that this viral marketing campaign should be able to identify with the greater population of this network, thus giving a higher possibility that it will be passed along.

There are several methods you can employ for you to have an effective viral campaign to showcase your company, your talent, your website, your products and/or services. These methods should be free for all because, basically, you want it out there. Restricting it will not help as it’s obviously against what viral marketing is all about. Here are some popular methods:

1. Email Signature – The most common and simple of all viral marketing methods. Most email providers allow its users to create their own signature. The idea is to create a catchy tagline with your URL on it which will catch the attention of the readers. This is very effective especially if you’re sending out emails that contain useful information that has a high probability to be passed around.

2. Giving Away Freebies – It can be anything from games, videos, applications, screensavers etcetera. Even bigwigs on the World Wide Web are giving away freebies such as e-mail accounts, private messengers, and a lot more. It is very effective, as who wouldn’t want to have something for free? People tend to talk a lot about things they got for free – and what better way to be known than to be talked about?

3. Penning an Article –With the ever growing need for information, there will always be thousands of topics that you can write about. Your articles should at least be relevant to what you offer. There are a lot of article submission sites on the Web. Submit your work there and grant permission to reproduce so long as the original “resource box” is intact.

These are just a few of the hundreds of possible ways you can utilize the power of viral marketing. Your real goal here is to create witty, cool and exciting content that has a “shareable characteristic”. You have to create a feeling of “must-have” for your target audience, and to able to hold on to that interest. In the end, creativity is what sets apart the losers from the winners (harsh, but true). You have to have a level of inspiration that can help your campaign seize the opportunity that the Internet has to offer.