YouTube – The Hidden Gem of Advertising?

 Do you know anyone who doesn’t know what YouTube is all about? Your dog would probably know what it is if he knew how to use the computer! Everybody is talking about it from kids to adults. Even the world of advertising is taking notice of the vast possibilities that it offers. It is the power of advertisement at its very best.

About YouTube

In the middle of February 2005 former employees of PayPal, Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, created YouTube. In July 2006, YouTube disclosed that over 100 million videos are being watched every single day, and that’s an estimated total of 2.5 billion videos watched in that same month. Also, it was further claimed that in May 2006 50,000 videos were uploaded in a day, and it had reached an astonishing 65,000 uploads in July 2006. YouTube stated that virtually 79 millions users have watched more than 3 billion videos in January 2008.

The Wall Street Journal, in August 2006, wrote an article about YouTube. It revealed that YouTube has hosted 6.1 million videos, and that it has 500,000 registered users. By April 9th, 2008, a search return in YouTube has resulted in approximately 83 million videos and about 3 million user channels.

Google Inc. announces in October 2006 that they will purchase YouTube for a staggering amount of US$1.65 billion in stocks. The purchase eventually pushed through on November 13, 2006. According to the regulatory filing of Google Inc., YouTube is presently non-profitable, stating further that the income that it generates is immaterial.

What is YouTube?

YouTube in its simplest context is a website that shares videos. Users can upload, view and share these videos. It utilizes Adobe Flash to show a wide range of user created video contents, which include music videos, TV clips and movies.

Unregistered users can view and watch nearly all videos on YouTube, however, only registered users can upload limitless quantity of videos. Uploading videos that contain harassment, pornography, slander, nudeness, encouragement of a criminal act, and commercial advertisement are not permitted.

Videos are classified by the use of titles and tags that are located to the right side of a video. In the second year of YouTube’s operation, additional features were provided to enable users to give their personal comments and subscribe to a video’s RSS feed.

 Who Uses YouTube?

The inclination for the Internet is opposing. Eyes are still tuned in directly at the television, but now it is through the internet as an alternative! What the Internet has to offer is a more personalized experience, because people have the option to choose what and when they watch. They can even involve themselves by expressing their personal opinion on what they’re watching.

Big players in the advertising industry are taking notice and are seriously considering what YouTube has to offer. Even the entertainment world is very much into promoting their new stuff on YouTube, such as uploading of teasers for new music videos or trailers of forthcoming movies. Charity institutions are also not left behind when it comes to YouTube, because they also create their own videos for campaign awareness with various messages. Even politicians are using YouTube to strengthen their campaign. Basically, YouTube is for everybody as long as you have a computer to use.

How to Use YouTube for Your Marketing Scheme?

Incorporating YouTube for your marketing scheme will give you unlimited possibilities. However, do not rush things and just create and upload your videos, remember that getting it wrong will hurt your brand. Bear these few tips in mind before you take the plunge:

1. Video campaigns that are uploaded on YouTube can be more viral, compared to sending links of your video on your website through email. It is better to upload it on YouTube and include your URL. This way your video will have a greater chance of being seen by a huge audience resulting in more website visits from users.

2. You can create concepts with YouTube in mind. For instance, you can run a contest and have the participants create a video for the best use of the products that you have. This will definitely amplify traffic to your website especially if you have prices to give.

3. You can Do-It-Yourself or hire an advertising agency to create a video. The catch is to create a video that represents your product in the best possible way, with the idea and focus for it to become a viral success.

4. Look for an opportunity to place ads on hot videos on YouTube.

5. More and more websites are already linked to YouTube, having your website listed will definitely improve and help your optimization strategy.