Balance and the Social Network Marketing Profile

The process of using a social networking site for business can be a little tricky sometimes. Why is it tricky? Basically, there needs to be a balance between the social facets and the professionalism needed for the business to be credible. This is not always easy to pull off. Consider that the reason why some marketers make the mistake of bouncing from one extreme to the other. Often, this is not by design. They simply have not examined the proper balance which leads to the aesthetic facets the profile must embody.

When the social/business networking profile swings too far into the realm of being social, it can detract from the prime business at hand. Yes, it is nice to be funny, lighthearted, and decidedly non-serious…when you are not trying to sell something. However, if the social networking profile is intended to promote a product or service, not taking things seriously can negate your ability to effectively promote a business. Simply put, you are spending too much time socializing and not enough time selling your business. That is just not going to work!

On the flipside, you do not want to make the mistake the social networking profile being too stoic. Purveyors of social networking sites are not looking for products and services or at least not as a prime reason for visiting the site. Rather, they look for fun, interesting profiles. If the profile they come across happens to be for a business that provides something they would be interested, that would be a plus. Promotional and commercial websites can be dry. Promotions social networking profiles will falter if they come off as too dull. That is a fact because dullness becomes the governing theme of the profile. Needless to say, that can be somewhat of a turnoff to visitors.

So, what would be the proper happy medium to seek? Basically, it would a smart balance between the personal and the professional. And no, this balance is not all that difficult to reach. It just requires a simple common sense approach to crafting the profile. How can you develop such experience? Trial and error is often the best approach. If it takes a little time to get things down, so be it.

Again, you want the profile to be personal. A lighthearted touch with your blogging, messaging, and profile text content is definitely helpful in this regard. However, you will need to maintain the integrity of advertisements promoting your business placed on the profile. In other words, if you present a pictorial display of a “poster” promoting what it is you are selling, let it serve the same purpose that an ad would yield on a website. Don’t get cute with such displays. Let them stand alone on their own merits and let them be promotional and informational in nature.

Try to maintain a certain level of professionalism in how you present yourself on the social networking site. Remember, when your own personal credibility starts to suffer, you will find your ability to succeed commercially is undermined. In reality, you would be undermining yourself which is the polar opposite reason you would explore the commercial potential of a social networking site. In other words, you don’t want to embody poor concepts into the crafting of the profile. This will wreck the profile’s marketing potential.

Again, success on a social networking site is often little more that simple, basic common sense. As long as you understand how to balance your personal touch with your professional goals, you will find using a social networking site for commercial gain proves effective. And is that not the goal of developing the social networking profile in the first place?