Backlinking and How to Go About It

Broadly speaking, backlinking can be defined as consolidating your online presence by getting other websites similar to your own to link back to you and by creating and submitting articles that promote your website to various online directories. Backlinking tends to be straightforward – there are not many mysteries about it. For the most part it brings results that directly correlate with the effort you invest in setting up links and creating quality content to be published on other websites.

Before talking more about backlinking it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s an additional means through which you can increase you traffic. Even if, when done properly, it can bring you a lot of traffic, it’s not something you can use as a primary means of getting visitors to your website. Make sure you have quality content that is optimized for search engines first and only then invest your resources in backlinking.

Going About It
As mentioned above, you can set up backlinks in two basic ways: by convincing other websites to link to you or by creating articles that contain the URL to your homepage and uploading them to various online directories.

• With Links
If you have the resources, you can purchase links directly from listings or other websites. This practice can bring results, but it typically works best for well-known brands that are at least regionally trusted by buyers.

It would be safer if you partner with some of the websites that are similar to your own but that are not your direct competitors. Do this by making friends among their owners and webmasters. This collaboration can be profitable because it will be quite likely that only people who are interested in your niche will be redirected to you. Keep in mind though that you’ll be asked to put links on your site that send to other websites as well, so be careful with who you associate. As a rule, try to have websites that are at least equal to you.

You can also create a cluster of websites centered on the same niche that redirect users between them. Some individuals have been successful doing this but keep in mind that having more websites means spending more money on hosting and on quality content.

• With Relevant Articles
A popular way to do backlinking at present is by writing articles relevant to your website and uploading them to the many article directories available online. Popular article directories tend to pop up in search results, attracting people to click them. If those reading these articles find them interesting and relevant to what they are searching then they are likely to check the URL which is usually included within them and end up browsing your website.

“How To” articles are perhaps the most popular when it comes to backlinking. It’s worth noting that most of the articles that end up in online directories are not directly promotional, but offer relevant information or at least try to. Also, they feature specific keywords in the right densities.