Finding Your Niche With Search Engine Optimization

Websites that try to be everything to everybody are rarely more that marginally successful as they are not focused on their core customers. This is especially true for websites that cater to specific niche customers and when they stray from the formula they originally developed, they find that their customers may not be as impressed with their diversification as the owner was.

Looking at a well-diversified site may give the impression that they are able to meet the needs of many different types of visitors. A few sites may actually be able to pull that off, but attracting customers looking for specific items or information can actually be much easier. Marketing efforts for sites selling niche merchandise can be more specific in the search engine optimization efforts and if they use things like article marketing, can aim their articles at the customers that are interested in what they have to offer.

With online advertising being as popular as it is, it can also be expensive, especially for an internet business just getting their toes in the sand, and finding a way to target a specific audience can produce a louder bang for their advertising buck. Understand when a site tries to offer something for everyone, their advertising has to target everyone. This can spread their advertising dollars too thin to be effective. However, targeting a specific niche reduces the number of people targeted and can allow for better returns on their advertising investment.

When considering the cost of search engine optimization and the network marketing done to attract visitors, a high number of visitors may seem to be a good return on the investment. However, the number of visitors means nothing if they make no purchases. It is far better to have 1,000 visitors spending $50 each than to have 100,000 visitors and only a handful spend $10. Calculating the return on your investment needs to tell the entire story and not just a sidebar.
For example, if your website sells golf equipment and supplies, reaching out to equine areas of the internet will probably bring in zero results. This is the type of effect that bulk mail, or in this case bulk email, can have on your advertising and marketing budget. You may reach a bunch of horse lovers, but unless they are also into golf, your return will be next to nothing.

The keywords used on each page of your website should correspond to what products or information is contained on that page. You can not use the same keywords on every page, especially if the pages offer different information. Search engine optimization needs to have each page optimized for the individual page to be effective and if the keywords are all the same, a change may be needed to find success.