SEO Content Writing Secrets For Eager Online Marketers

In the next few words, we are going to discuss some SEO content writing secrets that will help you get a residual traffic stream to your website, turn them into leads, and ultimately convert them into sales and more sales.

First, you need to ask yourself, the question, “Why write SEO content?” Some people have been writing SEO content for so long that they forgot why they are doing it, simply because they have no idea of what they are aiming for and how to succeed. Here’s the reason why you should write SEO articles and blog posts more often: The search engines love them! If you could constantly feed the Google and Yahoo “spider” with fresh new content which contain strategic keyword phrases targeted for a specific audience, you can literally put yourself in front of hundreds of thousands of people online. And luckily for you, that is good for your business.

There are many different uses of SEO content. First, you can use it to generate direct traffic. Many article directories allow you to post your original articles and have your own resource box shown at the bottom. If your article receives direct traffic from the search engines, there’s a good chance that some of your readers will actually click on your resource box and be redirected to your website landing page. That is direct traffic and it’s not rocket science. Simply write keyword rich articles, get views, get website visits, and generate more sales from those visits.
The next purpose of writing SEO content is to generate backlinks to your site. As you may already know, Google has an algorithm that gives a higher search engine ranking to sites which have more backlinks from other sites. Writing search engine optimized articles will help you get those needed backlinks over time.

Now here’s a paradigm shift of thinking for you: Most online marketers simply do SEO for the purpose of pushing up the search engine rankings of their website domain. But there’s another side to this that you must realize. Trying to get your website on the first page of search results might take some time to do, but getting your article pages to rank for certain long-tail keywords is relatively easier! Thus, it is highly recommended that you SEO optimize your articles in article directories, blogs, and other online locations. Instead of focusing on on-page SEO, try to build individual search engine rankings for each of your content pieces submitted online! This way, your main website may not be on the first page of search results, but your articles and blog posts will. Now that’s a greater horde of traffic.

But perhaps the best of all SEO content writing secrets is maintaining clarity and intelligibility in your words. Lots of people who write content for better exposure in the search engines make the mistake of making their articles appear with jumbled phrases and sentences which lack sense. Never do this. Realize that although you are writing your articles and blog posts for better exposure in the search engines, your main marketing targets are real people. Keep on giving away useful information to your intended readers. This is a good branding strategy and will help you build a good online reputation.