Facebook Free Traffic Tips: Do’s and Dont’s

In recent years, Facebook has emerged as one of the most visited sites in the world, amounting to hundreds of millions of visits per day. It would therefore be unwise for any serious marketer nowadays to ignore the wide reach and branding opportunities presented by this social networking site. However, although many online marketers are aware that Facebook has huge traffic potential for their individual businesses, very few networkers know precisely how to use this social network to their advantage.

First, you must know what methods do NOT work on Facebook. If you learn to identify and avoid these marketing mistakes, you will be one step closer to your goal of driving traffic from the world’s currently largest social network.

The ultimate traffic method that you should avoid is spamming. Adding random user profiles is a huge no-no on Facebook, and can actually result in your account getting banned. Another thing you should avoid is constantly sending “sales” messages to your friend list, hoping they will click on your link. These two things are what desperate marketers do, so don’t do them. Instead, you should employ a Facebook traffic building strategy that is ethical, effective, has the ability to build relationships, and most important of all, SEO friendly.

Your quest for Facebook traffic starts when you build your “fan page”, or quite simply, your Facebook page. Your Facebook page allows you to brand yourself, connect with people who like you and your offer, and also to follow up with masses of people at the click of a mouse. It would take an entire book, course, or manual to know everything there is to know about building facebook fan pages. However, when you create your fan page, you should put these three questions on your mind:

1. Does my Facebook page accurately represent who I am and what I do? If your page doesn’t give an accurate representation of who you are as a marketer and what precisely you can offer to the web visitor, then it is very easy for viewers to leave and check out something else.

2. Does my page effectively link to my site and is target rich? This is important because fan pages on this social network appear in search results. Therefore you must strategically optimize your fan page for keywords you want to rank for.

3. Does my page capture the interest of my target audience quickly? People tend to browse fan pages very quickly, as there are hundreds of others competing for their attention. Therefore, the look, feel, design and content of your fan page should be interesting enough to keep your visitors reading. Furthermore, the status updates you post must be interesting enough so that people will want to come back and check on the stuff that you post.

If you keep these three things in mind when you create and develop your Facebook fan page, you will be well on your way to attracting more viewers and get more free traffic to your site.

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