Optimizing a Web Page without Resorting to Black Hat Methods

SEO (search engine optimization) can be difficult to manage. There are so many parts and pieces that intertwine to create a solid SEO business practice that doesn’t violate search engine policies, it can be difficult to keep track. This is especially true with search engines such as Google continuously changing the algorithms that they use to detect duplicate content or other items that that they do not consider worthwhile. SEO is important to businesses since it determines the page rank of websites. A properly optimized site is ranked and indexed by major search engines such as Yahoo, Google or Bing and will begin showing in search results. The trick is to get the optimized website to show on the first page without spending thousands of dollars.

The first tip for getting a website to jump to the first page of search results is to choose niche keywords. Highly focused keywords have less competition, so creating a site that will show up first for those keywords is fairly easy. Once you have chosen your niche keywords, there are some things you should remember about content. First, keyword density should never be greater than 4% in your content. That means that the key word should not be used more than four times for every hundred words. If the keyword is a long-tail, consider keeping it down to 2%. If a keyword exceeds that percentage it is considered keyword stuffing and many search engines will automatically reject sites suspected of using black hat SEO practices.

The second important thing to include is keywords in Meta tags. Always fill out the Meta tags and descriptions so that Search Engines can find and index your website. Meta tags should always include some basic information about the company and the meta keyword written in grammatically correct English. Always include the keyword in the title of the page. This will help it to be searched easily. Including the H1, H2, and H3 tags on your page will help to increase your ranking.

The third tip is all about content. Quality content is the key to not only driving traffic to your website, but also closing sales. Optimizing your site to the point where the only real information on it is all about keywords doesn’t create revenue. Ultimately, SEO is solely used to drive traffic to your website. From that point the content on the site must speak to customers and convince them to finalize a sale. Content should inform, instruct or amuse customers and engage them as much as possible. Incorporating expert articles on your website can be a great way to provide content to potential customers that will simultaneously build trust. When potential customers can see first hand that your company is an expert in its field they are more confident in doing business with you. The trick is to provide a wealth of information in such a way that it doesn’t overwhelm.

If you chose the right keywords and incorporate them at a rate of 2-4%, provide well written Meta tags and descriptions using your keyword, and have fabulous content, your website will become a success. Other methods of online marketing may drive traffic more quickly to your site, so also consider adding a social media piece to any marketing plan.