Twitter and Tweeting: What to Say and How to Say It

Social media exploded onto the market in the last decade. It has completely revolutionized marketing and selling online. In some ways, it has even replaced search engines. After all, any well established business will have a Facebook page, displaying their product offerings and with a convenient link back to their main business site. Facebook may be the largest social media site, but it is not always the best for building customer relationships. Twitter is a phenomenal site for engaging potential customers in conversation and staying current with industry trends.

The super fast nature of Twitter is what makes it so valuable. The short posting length and easy network building offered by the site make it a way to quickly establish your business. You will need to post several times each day, but the short format makes it easy to do. While forums like Facebook require you to plan out an entire post and offer pictures, video and links to compete, Twitter posts are much more basic in nature. There are a few do’s and don’ts about what to post, but as long as you use the following tips, you will see increasing success with Twitter marketing.

1. Be Informative – Sending out fifty Tweets per day detailing your activities is not effective. People want valuable and helpful content that is industry specific. Even in a few sentences, you can inform people about a variety of topics. Use Twitter to post links to larger format pieces to gain additional traffic. For example, if there has been a new change in your industry, post the bare facts and include a link to the full article. That is value to social media users. Those who are interested can click the link, and those who are uninterested are not pressured to read about things they are not interested in.
2. Be Available – Twitter is all about direct communications with potential customers. Make sure that you routinely answer questions and offer information. The more direct interaction you engage in, the more people will come to you for information and the more your following will grow. At some point, you will not be able to interact personally with each commenter, but you will still be able to respond generally, letting them know that their comments are being read.
3. Be Interesting – When you only post re-tweets, you are simply posting the same information again and again. Those that are interested in your industry will probably have seen it before. A re-tweet or two is fine, provided you also post original content. Twitter is an ideal place to announce upcoming sales, new product lines or service changes. The ability to link to your main site allows you to only post teasers, which then results in many hits for your site.
With Twitter, more than any other social media site, it is important to keep things simple and concise. Twitter is not the place for fluff. Only post information that is current and interesting to keep your audience engaged.