YouTube Marketing Made Simple

The content on your website is a great place to find ideas for a business’s first videos. What services does the business offer? Tell the business story on camera and you will capture potential clients’ attention. Top of the line equipment isn’t always necessary to produce these videos. You can very easily make compelling videos without investing considerable marketing dollars into your first YouTube foray. Start off with an introductory video, explaining who you are and what you provide. Explain to potential clients to what your business can do for them and offer gratitude to the customers who currently use your services. Once you have recorded your 3-5 minute video, it is time to upload it to your YouTube channel.

Give Customers A Reason To Watch
What is the purpose of your video? Are you making a video and setting up a YouTube channel without a plan? The consumer market spends more time watching videos about subjects as opposed to reading about them. Your site may have a lot of great information that conveys your amazing company, but if your target demographic prefers to watch videos, spending the time creating written content could be used to produce videos that give your customers the information they want.

Driving Customers To YouTube
Once the video is made and uploaded, how does a business successfully use the video to increase their bottom line? Before you start posting your video to Facebook, announcing it on Twitter or promoting it on your blog or website, make sure your video is ready to go viral. This process begins with proper tagging.

One of the most common errors that businesses make with their YouTube videos is neglecting to tag their video properly along with not choosing the right title. Optimizing your video title is key. While it may be fun to use a quirky phrase, if you don’t have keywords in your title no one will be able to find it. For example, you own a catering business and you just uploaded a video on how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies. The title of the video is “Yum, these are great”. While this title reflects what the viewer will think after they make the cookies, the title fails to drive the viewer to the video. Naming the video “The World’s Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies” will enable the viewer to find your video if they are conducting a general search for “chocolate chip cookies”. The other important factors are your video tags.

Tagging your video with optimized keywords, in this case cookies, recipes, chocolate chip, will also make your video easier to find when people are searching in a general way on YouTube. Combining an optimized title with keywords will result in more video views, more shares and more customers calling your catering company.
YouTube is a great way to increase the visibility of any business. If one follows the simple rules of keeping the video short, having interesting content and using optimized titles and tags, your video will generate a following. This effective way of marketing saves time, can be inexpensive and will draw new customers to your business.