Top 3 Ways To Build Links Like An Expert

Link building is a term that is used frequently in regards to effective SEO. What does link building mean? How does one create links properly to ensure high website rankings? Links are used by Google to determine if your site has authority. Google’s algorithm ranks each page based on a set of criteria. If your website has a good set of secure links to it, there is a higher chance that Google will consider your site an authority. Simply put, you want other pages to link to your page. Unfortunately, credible link building can be complicated. Some site owners will do anything to get as many links as possible, and this is not the way you want to utilize link building. Not all links carry the same weight or value. Here are three ways to build links the correct way.

Credible Content
Content is one of the most valuable aspects of your website. The days of producing any type of content, simply to have words on your site, are long gone. If you do not produce and consistently update your content, Google will not see your site as an authority and your rankings will drop. The key is to write content that is useful, interesting and most importantly relevant. Relevant content is always up to date and will be of use to your readers. Credible content is what other sites will want to link to, thus creating strong link building alliances. This will build the ranking of your site because Google will recognize that your site is an authority.

Find Your Niche
In order to build your reputation as an authority, you must have an understanding of your optimal audience. To say that everyone is your audience is too broad a reach. Every business, every website has a niche audience. Who are the people who will faithfully go to your site to find information? Who uses your product or services on a regular basis? Who can recommend your services to others? These three questions will provide you with an overview of whom your audience encompasses. Once you are aware of your niche market, you can create information that is custom for them. You can captivate and maintain the interest of those that will be your customer base and recommend your services to others. Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising. People will always do business with those they like and trust. Tailoring your content to your niche audience will elevate your status as an authority. This system will also tell your niche audience that you truly care about their wants, needs and interests.

Linkable Content
Making your content linkable is of the utmost importance. Make it easy for the visitors of your site to share your content. Is the “share” button clearly marked? Can your visitors easily share to social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter? Keep your posts and your content simple and give the readers a reason to share.

The concept of link building can seem complicated and complex, but the fundamentals are easy to put in place. Creating great content, making sure that Google sees your site as an authority and making it easy for your content to be shared are three key ways to begin.