Twitter and Tweeting: What to Say and How to Say It

Social media exploded onto the market in the last decade. It has completely revolutionized marketing and selling online. In some ways, it has even replaced search engines. After all, any well established business will have a Facebook page, displaying their product offerings and with a convenient link back to their main business site. Facebook may be the largest social media site, but it is not always the best for building customer relationships. Twitter is a phenomenal site for engaging potential customers in conversation and staying current with industry trends.

The super fast nature of Twitter is what makes it so valuable. The short posting length and easy network building offered by the site make it a way to quickly establish your business. You will need to post several times each day, but the short format makes it easy to do. While forums like Facebook require you to plan out an entire post and offer pictures, video and links to compete, Twitter posts are much more basic in nature. There are a few do’s and don’ts about what to post, but as long as you use the following tips, you will see increasing success with Twitter marketing.

1. Be Informative – Sending out fifty Tweets per day detailing your activities is not effective. People want valuable and helpful content that is industry specific. Even in a few sentences, you can inform people about a variety of topics. Use Twitter to post links to larger format pieces to gain additional traffic. For example, if there has been a new change in your industry, post the bare facts and include a link to the full article. That is value to social media users. Those who are interested can click the link, and those who are uninterested are not pressured to read about things they are not interested in.
2. Be Available – Twitter is all about direct communications with potential customers. Make sure that you routinely answer questions and offer information. The more direct interaction you engage in, the more people will come to you for information and the more your following will grow. At some point, you will not be able to interact personally with each commenter, but you will still be able to respond generally, letting them know that their comments are being read.
3. Be Interesting – When you only post re-tweets, you are simply posting the same information again and again. Those that are interested in your industry will probably have seen it before. A re-tweet or two is fine, provided you also post original content. Twitter is an ideal place to announce upcoming sales, new product lines or service changes. The ability to link to your main site allows you to only post teasers, which then results in many hits for your site.
With Twitter, more than any other social media site, it is important to keep things simple and concise. Twitter is not the place for fluff. Only post information that is current and interesting to keep your audience engaged.

Facebook Free Traffic Tips: Do’s and Dont’s

In recent years, Facebook has emerged as one of the most visited sites in the world, amounting to hundreds of millions of visits per day. It would therefore be unwise for any serious marketer nowadays to ignore the wide reach and branding opportunities presented by this social networking site. However, although many online marketers are aware that Facebook has huge traffic potential for their individual businesses, very few networkers know precisely how to use this social network to their advantage.

First, you must know what methods do NOT work on Facebook. If you learn to identify and avoid these marketing mistakes, you will be one step closer to your goal of driving traffic from the world’s currently largest social network.

The ultimate traffic method that you should avoid is spamming. Adding random user profiles is a huge no-no on Facebook, and can actually result in your account getting banned. Another thing you should avoid is constantly sending “sales” messages to your friend list, hoping they will click on your link. These two things are what desperate marketers do, so don’t do them. Instead, you should employ a Facebook traffic building strategy that is ethical, effective, has the ability to build relationships, and most important of all, SEO friendly.

Your quest for Facebook traffic starts when you build your “fan page”, or quite simply, your Facebook page. Your Facebook page allows you to brand yourself, connect with people who like you and your offer, and also to follow up with masses of people at the click of a mouse. It would take an entire book, course, or manual to know everything there is to know about building facebook fan pages. However, when you create your fan page, you should put these three questions on your mind:

1. Does my Facebook page accurately represent who I am and what I do? If your page doesn’t give an accurate representation of who you are as a marketer and what precisely you can offer to the web visitor, then it is very easy for viewers to leave and check out something else.

2. Does my page effectively link to my site and is target rich? This is important because fan pages on this social network appear in search results. Therefore you must strategically optimize your fan page for keywords you want to rank for.

3. Does my page capture the interest of my target audience quickly? People tend to browse fan pages very quickly, as there are hundreds of others competing for their attention. Therefore, the look, feel, design and content of your fan page should be interesting enough to keep your visitors reading. Furthermore, the status updates you post must be interesting enough so that people will want to come back and check on the stuff that you post.

If you keep these three things in mind when you create and develop your Facebook fan page, you will be well on your way to attracting more viewers and get more free traffic to your site.

The Professional Facebook Profile for Online Marketing

Facebook has most definitely proved to be a revolutionary concept. Those interested in staying in touch with friends, relatives, and confidants will assuredly point to the great value there is in taking advantage of signing on with Facebook. Creating a profile is easy and can be done with very little effort. And, best of all, those looking to get involved with online marketing should certainly look towards signing on with Facebook for promotional purposes.

Some may wonder if this is the best plan of action to take. After all, scores upon scores of people are using Facebook for marketing. Does that not dull down the ability to amass profits via Facebook? The answer to this is, of course, a resounding no. All forms of marketing venues are somewhat crowded thanks to the presence of so many others exploring promotional options. This does not automatically mean you should avoid such venues simply because they are popular and frequently used. The key here is that you need to follow the proper steps and strategies needed to boost success potential.

Ultimately, you will want Facebook to be a source of marketing leads and potential customers. This would be true of all marketing venues. The prime difference with Facebook is that it is such a novel venue that you can have a lot of fun working with it. consider that a major positive benefit to this classic social networking site.

What are some of the effective strategies you can employ on basic to attain success? Here is a look at some top ones:

Simply using the social network as a means of building an opt-in list could prove quite effective. An opt-in list is designed to amass email addresses that can be employed for a targeted direct electronic mail campaign. Such traditional campaigns have never lost their effectiveness. Their strength will commonly be based upon the quality of the names on the list you procure. Through Facebook, you could build a huge list since millions of people frequent Facebook on a daily basis. Of course, you cannot expect everyone on the site to be interested in what you offer. To have such an opinion is only going to set you up for disappointment later.

Of course, there are scores of concepts that can be employed to help attract more people to your Facebook profile. Any visitor to the profile can be considered a lead and all leads can be considered potential customers. This is why the profile needs to be enhanced in as many ways as possible. A quality profile boosts your potential to succeed on the site commercially.

Developing a solid profile requires several components. The most basic would be inviting text that effectively presents you and your business venture in a professional manner. It also certainly would not hurt to integrate video, audio, and pictorials into the mix. This will enhance the overall value of the profile significantly. A sparse Facebook profile does very little for boosting confidence in visitors and it certainly will not aid in the ability to provide emails for future contacts.

Building confidence in visitors that your business and professional dealings are legitimate is a must when seeking to expand the scope of your commercial enterprise. A weak Facebook profile will not help very much in this regard. Conversely, the development of a solid Facebook profile will certainly improve your chances for success immensely. Consider that a huge endorsement for developing a Facebook profile to the best level in can be.

Once you start amassing emails for your list, you can greatly expand your electronic marketing campaign. That means you can boost your potential to earn profits dramatically.

Balance and the Social Network Marketing Profile

The process of using a social networking site for business can be a little tricky sometimes. Why is it tricky? Basically, there needs to be a balance between the social facets and the professionalism needed for the business to be credible. This is not always easy to pull off. Consider that the reason why some marketers make the mistake of bouncing from one extreme to the other. Often, this is not by design. They simply have not examined the proper balance which leads to the aesthetic facets the profile must embody.

When the social/business networking profile swings too far into the realm of being social, it can detract from the prime business at hand. Yes, it is nice to be funny, lighthearted, and decidedly non-serious…when you are not trying to sell something. However, if the social networking profile is intended to promote a product or service, not taking things seriously can negate your ability to effectively promote a business. Simply put, you are spending too much time socializing and not enough time selling your business. That is just not going to work!

On the flipside, you do not want to make the mistake the social networking profile being too stoic. Purveyors of social networking sites are not looking for products and services or at least not as a prime reason for visiting the site. Rather, they look for fun, interesting profiles. If the profile they come across happens to be for a business that provides something they would be interested, that would be a plus. Promotional and commercial websites can be dry. Promotions social networking profiles will falter if they come off as too dull. That is a fact because dullness becomes the governing theme of the profile. Needless to say, that can be somewhat of a turnoff to visitors.

So, what would be the proper happy medium to seek? Basically, it would a smart balance between the personal and the professional. And no, this balance is not all that difficult to reach. It just requires a simple common sense approach to crafting the profile. How can you develop such experience? Trial and error is often the best approach. If it takes a little time to get things down, so be it.

Again, you want the profile to be personal. A lighthearted touch with your blogging, messaging, and profile text content is definitely helpful in this regard. However, you will need to maintain the integrity of advertisements promoting your business placed on the profile. In other words, if you present a pictorial display of a “poster” promoting what it is you are selling, let it serve the same purpose that an ad would yield on a website. Don’t get cute with such displays. Let them stand alone on their own merits and let them be promotional and informational in nature.

Try to maintain a certain level of professionalism in how you present yourself on the social networking site. Remember, when your own personal credibility starts to suffer, you will find your ability to succeed commercially is undermined. In reality, you would be undermining yourself which is the polar opposite reason you would explore the commercial potential of a social networking site. In other words, you don’t want to embody poor concepts into the crafting of the profile. This will wreck the profile’s marketing potential.

Again, success on a social networking site is often little more that simple, basic common sense. As long as you understand how to balance your personal touch with your professional goals, you will find using a social networking site for commercial gain proves effective. And is that not the goal of developing the social networking profile in the first place?