The Lure of a Freebie in Website Promotion

It is a tried and tested marketing ploy. Just go to the supermarkets and line up for all the freebies you can get. Sometimes, you get just a small taste of something. Sometimes, it is a mini-sample that you can bring home and add to your stash for emergencies. All the companies are doing it because it is a proven method of creating buzz for a product, especially new ones.

In the world of the internet, freebies work just as well. Even blogs with no actual product to sell are doing it. Giving away something generates excitement and, let us just face it, it is so much fun. Anyway, it works too. You should see the hits all those homemaking blogs make on something they call “Freebie Friday”.

If you do decide to go the freebie route of website promotion, here are some ideas on what to give as freebies:

  • Do you have your own product or service? Why not start with that? For example, let’s say your website is all about baby care and you have an online shop that sells baby items. You could raffle off a gift pack. If your website is about graphic design, perhaps you could also raffle off your services. You could promise a custom-made blog header or message board siggy. The service option is really good because it does not require any money spent, just some of your precious time and talent. The gift pack, on the other hand, can be viewed as an investment. You can actually make it work for you by giving away left-over, but still good stuff.
  • Give away something that you own, which you think others may still like. This is usually what those homemaking blog authors raffle off. Sometimes they have a book that they have two copies of or a house ornament that they have used for years and are tired of. Sometimes they have old unused presents from way back. You can do something similar.
  • Everybody wants a promotional T-shirt. Why? Because they can be certain that they are not available in stores and only a chosen few have them. If T-shirts are too dear, think of something in a lower scale. Perhaps bookmarks, pencils, stickers, buttons, mugs.
  • Downloadables are great freebies. Ebooks are the “in” thing in freebie-world with practically everybody coming up with one. Basically, it is a simple process of compilation. It takes nothing but your time and then you can boast about having an ebook to your name. Other downloadables are software and designs. You do not even have to come up with them yourself. You can simply scour the web for freebies related to your website or business and have the link to them ready on your own site. You can even make this a mainstay lure feature. Have a regularly updated list of freebies somewhere on your site and see how powerful viral marketing is when free stuff is involved.
  • Coupons are useful to many. These are something a lot of people can relate to. It can be for your own products or services or something that you found on the internet.
  • Gift certificates are always welcome. They can be for an online shop or an actual store with branches in many areas. It is simply a matter of tapping into one’s resources and connections.

Now that you have ideas for giveaways, how are you going to go about it? You can have contests or plain raffles. You can have specific requirements, perhaps in aid of boosting traffic. You can even do a seasonal thing. Give away pencils right before school starts or T-shirts for Christmas. Of course, there is the standard giveaway for every purchase. It is up to you. Just spread the word that your website has freebies up for grabs.